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Asia Pacific's Top Rated IATA Authorised Training Centre


We School of Airlines and Travel Management, better Known as SATM is the first full-fledged IATA - UFTAA Authorised Training Centre in India. Our Institute is located in the centre of Kochi and we have a 4 storey building with 6 classrooms that holds 30 students per class. Apart from that, we provide audio-video classes, and a computer lab containing all the latest technology. This is a fully fledged WIFI campus. Our strength and success are reflected by our competent faculty which comprises of trainers and instructors with years of industry and teaching experience. The institute is well equipped with a fully stocked library. SATM encourages students to celebrate National Festivals and programmes are hosted with the combined efforts of all staff and students.

Affiliation and Accredition


SATM is placed in the Worlds top 15 Schools by IATA. SATM has the third ranking in results by IATA. SATM has been awarded as IATA's 2020 Regional Top Performing Authorized Training Centre (ATC) - Asia Pacific.

We dare you to dream beyond boundaries

Over 30 years of proven experience SATM, No.1 acclaimed institute providing advanced high-quality education in Aviation, Airport Management, Travel, Tourism and Cargo Management. SATM is one among the world’s 10 best schools by IATA.

SATM trains you to stay ahead of the Talent Race!

A Bharathiar university approved, IATA and UFTAA authorised institute SATM provides high-quality training in BBA, MBA, IATA, FIATA, DGR, Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality. Certificates from SATM are issued by IATA, GALILEO, AMADEUS, CIAL, BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY and other globally reputed institutions.

We believe in education, enrichment & empowerment

SATM proud to announce that we have been the stepping stones of recognition and financial freedom, for over 15000 students placed globally. SATM is out with a vision to groom outstanding personalities and we welcome all far-sighted individuals to the young aspiring family of SATM students.

Three decades of Academic Excellence

1989 - 2020

1st IATA
Authorised Training Centre


IATA's Regional Top Performing Authorised Training Centre - Asia Pacific.


 15000 Students Placed


Our Airline and Airport Management Courses

The aviation sector has been providing numerous job opportunities to graduates in India. Career prospects and the possibility of landing a high paying job in the aviation sector depends a lot on the quality of the Institute from which you pursue the course. Yes, type of course and aptitude of the candidate also plays a huge role.SATM is among the world’s 10 best-authorised training centres by IATA. SATM provides high-quality advanced training in Aviation, Airport Management, Tourism, Travel and Cargo Management. SATM is India's First IATA and UFTAA authorised training centre, a Bharathiar University approved Institute that provides quality training in BBA, MBA, IATA, FIATA, DGR, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality.


Aviation is not for everyone, but at SATM, our teachers teach us to dare and think beyond our capacity. We learned to think lifestyles and ambitions that were once unreachable. Apart from the curriculum, it is mental support from the entire staff- that has helped all of us move forward in life.

The facilities and ambience provided at SATM are highly superior and competent in all respects. I consider it a great chance for me to experience the corporate environment in this institute. The teachers provide us with an in-house setting of what happens in the aviation industry. This helps us, students, cope with challenges at a much better level.

Being a student of SATM was about making the most of all the opportunities available to me. SATM helped me to be more independent and confident in myself. It was great to have many different trainers who were very friendly and we're here to push me to my best level to be able to shape my future. I have made great progress and have developed a wide range of skills concerning Aviation. SATM is particularly very good as they involve students at every level. If I had to sum up the institution in four words they would be “SATM is the best”.

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You can find us here.

Address: Ground Floor, Harini Buildings, Warriam Road, Pallimukku,Kochi

Phone: 04844854888

Mon - Sat : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

School of Airlines and 
Travel Management

SATM India's First IATA and UFTAA Authorised Training Centre with over 30 years of proven experience in providing the best education aviation, airport management, travel and tourism.


Ground Floor, Harini Buildings, Warriam Road, Pallimukku,Kochi